An Australian vacation - The 12 Apostles at Port Campbell, Victoria

A Takeaway On An Australian Vacation To The Twelve Apostles

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An Australian vacation would not be complete without a trip to the Twelve Apostles at Port Campbell in Victoria.

Together with my nephew who has studied and worked in Melbourne for a few years, we cruised on the scenic drive along the coastal route from Melbourne CBD. The road was winding and narrow, interspersed with beautiful postcard sceneries along the way.

With a couple of stops for the authentic Aussie beer battered fish and chips and Melbournian gelatos, a fusion of Italian artisan and Australian ingredients, which is so good that my daughter and I could not resist even if it had been winter, we finally made it after a long and an arduous six hour journey.

When we reached Port Campbell, the sun was already low, on the descent. Throwing its rays onto the rugged limestone surface, the rocks glowed in a luminescent gold. The scene was simply breathtaking.

Despite the strong wind and the biting cold that had numbed my lips and ears, we lingered till the light faded away.

We could have taken the highway, which is a shorter route and arrived earlier in the day. The scenery, however, would not be the same. Under the exposure of the broad daylight, the rocks would just be plain structural protrusions imposing on the beautiful coastal lines.


As I look back on these memories, I couldn’t help but liken it to the choices we make in life.

Should we take the road less travelled, embrace new experiences, broaden our perspectives, and enjoy the interesting journey and build great kinships and friendships in life?

Or take the fast lane on the highway with very little to remember at the end of the journey?


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Liz Dju

Liz Dju

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Liz Dju

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