Do the trials, but cut the errors.

Parenting gets better when we share the journey. We could gain from one another tried and tested parenting wins that might just save our sanity without robbing from our children their identity and authenticity.

Come, let's share our journey.

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The Wokway to Healthy Packed Lunches

How to prepare wholesome healthy packed lunches for your children that could inspire other parents to follow, without the hassle of tedious prep work, clutter of ingredients or laborious washing up in as little as 20 minutes.

And we are not talking about peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a sad assemble of cold cut turkey on wilted lettuce leaves.

We'll show you how in our 5 part series.


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You pleaded , "Just one more bite."

You threatened with "or else"

You bribed with screen time.

You tricked with epic food disguise.

You are just sick and tired of yelling, "Eat your veg!" to your child who heard but did not listen. And who would cringe or sulk or retort with "ewwww" and "yuk".



is an ebook that provides valuable tips that are effective and immediately actionable, and shows you how you could help your child eat his greens, without him feeling coerced to do so.


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You googled. 

You read. A lot.

You even cross referenced information on one site with another.

Your brain is cluttered. You are too frazzled to even digest all that your brain has absorbed. 

Would this work? Or is this just another fad diet?


all you need is the half and half-of-half rule.

Download "What's for dinner?" template so that you can keep all you need to stay in sync with your balanced healthy meal on one simple page.


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